Netflix Follies

I’m endlessly fascinated by Neflix’s elaborate algorithm for guessing what people will enjoy. I noticed a while ago it simply gave up suggesting horror movies to me, because it just couldn’t figure out that I loved horror films, but that I like them to be, y’know, good. I’m also amused that “foreign” is apparently a genre.

But here’s something that cracked me up today:

Netflix calls them “Violent Foreign Crime Movies.”

I think they should call them “OH SHIT MAN POINT A GUN AT THE POSTER BORDER! Movies.”

Even better, if I scroll to the right… THERE’S MORE!


  1. The two genres it’s recommending for me right now are “Witty Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead” and “Visionary Science & Technology TV Shows”. So my ideal movie would be, what, “Gorillas In The Mist, The Musical”?

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